Who am I?

My name is Roberto. Pleased to meet you. I am an Engineer in my 40s, selling IT solutions as a job, loving food and open-air activities as hobbies. Being born in Bologna, one of the capitals of our food culture, gave me a preferred point of view on our traditions. If you wonder where tortellini, tagliatelle, lasagne, mortadella, ragù come from.. yes, all of them from my hometown, Bologna!


If you come to visit this page, we likely share a love for Italian food culture. Traveling abroad quite often for my job and on holidays, I realized that Italian food is often misunderstood, sometimes abused. One example for all? Spaghetti alla bolognese! They simply don’t exist (well, actually they do… but it’s a tuna sauce). And if you find them… well, change the restaurant. That’s why I decided to share my experiences and become an authentic Italian food blogger, hoping to spread my passion and to answer the many questions that may come to your mind.

What you will find here

First of all, and mainly, authentic Italian recipes. I realized that the web is stacked with an incredible amount of Italian recipes.. but the language is the barrier. Otherwise, Italian recipes I have found in English sound often not authentic to my ears and you know… Italians are very serious about food (e.g. we have a decalogue for carbonara!). So why not giving the chance to a wider audience to learn how to cook authentic, traditional Italian food?

Second, restaurant reviews. Because yes, I want to give you the point of view of someone who has had tagliatelle or tortellini or lasagne for lunch every single Sunday of his first 25 years… guess who. The idea here is to give advice from a local to tourists who come to visit our beautiful country. So you will not find bad reviews, but posts dedicated only to restaurants I recommend … and that I have (or will) personally experienced more than once. Like one of my favorite in Bologna.

Then, ingredients. If you come and visit Italy, you need to understand that in every town you will go, you can expect different food, different specialties.. so no reason to ask for brasato in Sicily or pasta cacio e pepe in Turin. If you want to live the real experience, you have to learn what to order in each place. The same for what you can buy as a souvenir, so it is important that you can differentiate between a place where to ask for Parmigiano Reggiano or some good limoncello or rucolino.

Finally, loving Italian food cannot be split from loving our spirits and, most of all, our wine. And of course, you should have guessed by now.. every region has its own wines, so it will be a pleasure to travel through our territory to discover local wine productions.